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  • Situación geográfica: Denmark is the smallest and most Southern of the Scandanavian countries located in the far reaches of Northern Europe. It lies to the southwest of Sweden, and south of Norway and borders Northern Germany
  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Idioma: Danish
  • Documentación: EU citizens are required to present a valid passport or identity card. Citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are also permitted entry for stays up to three months. Other visitors, consult the Danish embassy.
  • Electricidad: 230 volts at 50Hz
  • Zona horaria: GMT +1
  • Prefijo telefónico: (+45)
  • Clima: June through to August is high season in Finland where temperatures are warm and the weather is dry. Spring months are also very pleasent to visit. Winters are predictably extremely cold and night are long making it not particuarly an attractive time to visit.
  • Vacunas: No vacinations are required

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