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Información sobre Camboya

  • Situación geográfica: Cambodia was previously known as Kampuchea and is located in South East Asia. The country has a population of 14 million people and borders with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Capital: Phnom Penh
  • Idioma: Khmer
  • Documentación: Most visitors require a visa when entering Cambodia. Visas can be obtained at port of entry, and cost around $20. Make sure you have a passport photo or face possible overcharing or fines. For more information, consult
  • Electricidad: 230 volts at 50Hz
  • Zona horaria: GMT +7
  • Prefijo telefónico: (+855)
  • Clima: Weather in Cambodia is hot and tropical, however, humidity levels are at their lowest in December and January. During May and June, the monsoon arrives and temperatures can hit over 40 degrees.
  • Vacunas: Vacinations recommended include diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Malaria and Tetanus. Yellow Fever vacinations are only required if you arrive from a country where the disease is present.

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